Sel Noir – Hot Thalasso Jelly 100g

Sel Noir – Hot Thalasso Jelly 100g

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Sel Noir – Hot Thalasso Jelly 100g
With fast and smooth sweating and slimming brought by the beauty ingredients of “Bodyfit”, “Unislim” and “Legslim”, achieve the BODY with  Sel Noire Hot Thalasso Jelly
– Ultimate massage gel.
> Featuring “KUCHA”, exclusive rock clay, which can be found in the limited areas of Okinawa, Japan, for a variety of mineral and ion-compounds, its minute beauty-rich particles get deep absorbed into the pores, and realizing the smooth and youthful skin. 
> 12 types of vegetable-oriented extracts provide much needed moisture and nourishment along with collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and many more.
Volume:                             100g  
Product Weight:                130g
JAN Code:                        4582256401030